Sunday, August 19, 2012


So obviously I didn't blog during Comic-Con, but I did take some fantastic pictures (all of which can be found here). My random thoughts during the Con seemed to make their way to Twitter, but lack of sleep and connectivity made blogging more difficult venture, for me anyway. I know other people do it successfully, so will try to blog something less ambitious next time.

I am currently working on a post related to a Strategic Management paper I had hoped to "finish" today. Looks like life events will delay that to tomorrow, at which point I shall post a specific portion of the paper.  The purpose of this is (a) this section of the paper has been particularly troublesome, thus I am looking for comment of really any type and (b) this is a test for what I plan to do with equally troublesome portions of my literature review, which I am trying to "finish" by the end of August. So stay tuned...

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